Ano Rectal Cancer

Ano Rectal Cancer

Ano Rectal Cancer Anal cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the anus. Being infected with the human papillomavirus (HPV) increases the risk of developing anal cancer. Signs of anal cancerinclude bleeding from the anus or rectum or a lump near the anus

Some of the warning signals of anal cancer are given below

  • Occasional Bleeding From The Rectum/Anus
  • Thick Growth Or Polyp Like Structure In The Anal Canal
  • Persistent Itching In And Around The Anus
  • Pain While Passing Stool
  • Change In Bowel Movements
  • Pus Like Drainage From The Anus With Foul Smell
  • Swelling Of Lymph Nodes In The Anus

Team Of Specialists

  • Dr. Atul Patil

    Consultant Proctologist & Consultant and associate professor At Dr. D Y Patil Ayurveda College,Pune.

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  • Dr. Sarita Patil

    Proctologist and Gynaecologist , Director- Vithai Piles hospital, Kasarwadi, Pune.

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  • Dr. Vikram Pawar

    Sr. Consultant & Chief of radiation oncology Services

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  • Anjali Vikram Pawar

    Vitthal Piles Center

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