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Structure and Function of Bowel

Before discussing the structure and functions of the bowel let's understand the digestion.

What is Digestion?

For obtaining energy for daily routine activities and to achieve the tissues growth all animals and humans maintain their life processes from the food they eat and the oxygen they breathe in.

Ingested food material serially goes into processes converted into simple form by which absorption at intestine becomes easy. Food particles are broken down into small particle and bile , enzyme secreated by stomach brings them to simple form. The process of digestion is done in the following manner:

1. Breaking down or Enzymatic phase

The food we eat comprises large molecules, which cannot be absorbed by the body. So it is broken down into smaller molecules by teeths and mixes up good with saliva. This process is called mastication. From mouth to anus many glands are there. Some glands absorbs and some secrets certain chemicals . These chemicals are known as digestive enzymes. Bile from liver, pancreatic juices, gastric secreations are main out of them.

2. Movements of the digestive system

As soon as food enters the mouth, tounge, teeth, and muscles all around mouth cavity comes in action. Molars and premolars chew it to small particles. When the food material is swipeout of those teeth then tounge and cheeks muscles pushes them again between these molars teeth for further break down. once the food particles are enough broken then toungue pushes it to pharynx. In these areas, a thorough mixing or churning of the food enhances the proper digestion of different components of the food._

3. The Process of Assimilation or Absorption

After a series of actions, whilepasding through alimentary canal, essential nutrients vitamins and important nutrients are absorbed from the digested food into the surrounding blood vessels and lymphatic vessels.

4. The process of Elimination or Excretion

After the digestion and the absorption processes are complete, the undigested residue from which all nutrient are absorbed called the feces or stool is eliminated out of the rectum and anus to the exterior.

When these all steps are performed well end product will be soft and easily get evacuated without any strain.

If the digestion goes smoothly, and the diet taken is absorbed well, then the waste product made up is expelled smoothly without any problem.

But the indigestion happened thenfrequency, constistancy, girth of stool is altered. Some times stool become hard initially. Hard initial stool while coming out stretch outs the anal mucosa. After excessive stretching the mucosa get tear posteriorly. And it creates linear ulcer called as fissure in ano. When the end product is dry and not smoothly moving from the walls of intestine then near anus patient has to push it down. Once patient pushes it down the vessels surrounding anal canal , specially rectal veins and hemorrhoidal plexus get full of blood. That fullness of blood exerts pressure within the wall of vessels and sometimes it swells out. That swollen vein is called piles.

So for better evacuation and to avoid piles fissure and fistula digestion must be good.

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