Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment


Laser Treatment is even less invasive. No tissues need to be cut. The affected area is simply treated with laser energy in a precise and focused manner and the problem is solved within a few minutes. Patients can resume their normal lives immediately after surgery.

The process takes only a few minutes, and patients can be discharged the same day. There are no cuts, stitches, wounds or dressings. There is negligible pain or bleeding. They can have a normal diet within 4 hours of the procedure and can resume their routine work within 24 to 48 hours. There are no restrictions and no repeat visits to the doctor.

Advantages of Laser Treatment

  • Laser Treatment for Piles does not cause pain
  • Lasers clears Hemorrhoids with high levels of precision that are absent in conventional surgical methods.
  • Laser treatment takes very little time in terms of surgery when compared to conventional surgical methods.
  • Laser Treatment is done through minimal incision making it a ‘no blood no scar’ one.
  • Laser treatment enables patients to recover within a short span of time when compared to the conventional surgical methods.
  • Laser Treatment provides complete relief from Piles Hemorrhoids through automatic sterilization that happens during the process. This is not same in the case of conventional surgeries performed to remove hemorrhoids.

Team Of Specialists

  • Dr. Atul Patil

    Consultant Proctologist & Consultant and associate professor At Dr. D Y Patil Ayurveda College,Pune.

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  • Dr. Sarita Patil

    Proctologist and Gynaecologist , Director- Vithai Piles hospital, Kasarwadi, Pune.

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  • Dr. Vikram Pawar

    Sr. Consultant & Chief of radiation oncology Services

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  • Anjali Vikram Pawar

    Vitthal Piles Center

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