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Laser treatment for fistula

At Vitthal Piles Center, we offer the best Fistula treatment in Pune and PCMC area. We offer the best diagnostic and surgical treatment on Fistula in PCMC. For best laser piles surgery and laser fistula surgery in Pune, contact us today. We have treated over 10,000 patients of Piles and Fistula over the past decade in Pune. Visit our clinic today and get opinion from the best Piles doctors in Pune.

What is Anal Fistula?

Fistula is a lower GI and rectal ailment where there are multiple parallel pathways for faecal matter. here, we see a tunnel inside the anal pathway that ends somewhere in the skin around it. In the case of an anal fistula, we observe a ruptured abscess turning into the fistula. Fistula Generally results in infection in the area due to the lodging of faecal matters.

What Causes Fistula

Fistula is usually caused by rupture of abscess in the rectal pathway. Several glands inside the anal canal can sometimes get infected. The infection causes swelling and the formation of abscesses. This abscess, if not treated, may rupture, making a hole in the skin. This hole is connected to the anal cavity and pathway. This creates an alternate pathway for stools. This alternate motion pathway is called a fistula.

In rare cases, fistula is caused by injuries in the anal are resulted due to anal intercourse. It can also be caused due to tuberculosis or AIDS. Other causes for fistula may be a progression of piles, anal fissures, or other bowel inflammation conditions like Crohn’s disease or colitis. In rare cases, rectal cancer can also cause Anal Fistula.

Symptoms of Fistula

    fistula shows the following symptoms -

  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Anal Swelling
  • Anal bleeding
  • FeverFoul-smelling liquid oozing from the anal orifice
  • There are other rare symptoms of fistula as well. But such symptoms cannot be generalized as they differ from case to case basis.

Diagnosis of Fistula

To diagnose fistula, we generally need to perform a rectal examination. Our expert surgeons at Vitthal Piles Clinic are the best Fistula experts in Pune. Looking at the symptoms and the results of the rectal examination, we diagnose Fistula. To diagnose fistula, we generally need to perform a rectal examination. Our expert surgeons at Vitthal Piles Clinic are the best Fistula experts in Pune

Treatment of Fistula

Fistula is a serious condition, which if not attended to properly can result in sepsis. At our Piles Treatment Center in Pune, as a preliminary treatment, we recommend a dose of medicines- painkillers for the pain and antibiotics to reduce the infection. Our primary focus is to clean the abscess and ruptured area. For that, we may need to insert a suction tube. After cleaning the infected area, we cut the fistula and let the wound heal. It can take upto 6 weeks to heal the wound. This is the general surgery that we perform to treat fistula.

At Vitthal Piles Treatment Center in Pune, we also operate laser surgeries to treat piles and fistula. In laser surgeries, we open the fistula cavity using a laser. After dressing and cleaning the abscess, we treat the fistula. Laser surgery has the advantage that it heals faster compared to traditional open surgery. The surgery wound heals within one week in case of laser surgery. The fistula healing may take longer than that.

Preventive Measures

    Usually, fistula can be prevented by-

  • Early treatment of Piles
  • Early treatment of fissures
  • Preventing infections in the anal region
  • Practising safe-sex
  • Having fibre-rich diet
  • Balanced lifestyle
  • Regular exercise

Frequently Asked Questions-

  • What is a fistula?
  • Fistula is a condition when multiple pathways are created in the rectal canal due to an abscess or other infection

  • How common is a fistula?
  • Fistula is a fairly common condition in young and middle-aged men.

  • Why does one go through a fistula?
  • Fistula is mainly caused due to infection or abscess in the rectal area. The bursting of the abscess make alternate pathways for stools, thereby causing file

  • Where can I find female doctors to treat for fistula?
  • At Vitthal Piles Center, our female doctors offer treatment for fistula for women patients of all age groups.

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