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Dr. Sarita Patil

Dr. Sarita Patil

Proctologist and Gynaecologist

Eduaction : Dip. G.O.

Phone: +91 7020993564



Director- Vithai Piles hospital, Kasarwadi, Pune.

Dr. Sarita Patil is Young and dynamic personality. Her eagerness to surpass the limits of the ordinary, led her to pursue a relatively unknown specialty – Proctology.

She is master in anorectal disease associated with femanity. She treated and operated large number of female patients of fissure and piles and fistula. Her promising words and explanation about disease and pathology cures the half of pain. She has big circle of her patients which are happy. In fact, her mastery lies in the way she manages wound care in anorectal cases.

Dr. sarita patil is amongst the few proctologists in pune and probably the only leading female surgeon in a field that is witnessing a steep rise in the number of patients owing to faulty lifestyles. Her gentle and reassuring demeanour ably puts a patient’s worries to rest. In a world moving towards gender equality, Dr Sarita Patil stands out as a woman venturing into a speciality largely dominated.

Dr. Sarita is proctologist and gynaecologist, caring and curing the anorectal problems like, piles associated with pregnancy, post delivery fissure, age related pathologies in elderly womens. Painless and time saving treatment modalities are her speciality. She has treated number of patients with dietary advice and with ayurvedic medicines only.