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Hernia treatment in PCMC, Pune


You can trust the experience and expertise of the Vitthal Piles Center, which is run by Dr. Vikram Pawar and a team of highly skilled medical professionals who are experts in the treatment of hernias. We offer the best treatment for fistulas fissures, piles, and hernias at PCMC, Pune. Our clinic offers individualized and effective treatment strategies for issues with hernias. Patients receive full treatment under the supervision of our specialist hernia doctors, which includes precise diagnosis and individualized interventions designed to ensure a complete recovery. To get the best results, go to one of the Vitthal Piles Centers located in Pune that is committed to providing the highest quality of care that is possible and has the expertise of the top doctors in hernia surgery.


A tissue or organ which protrudes from an inconsistency of the muscles or tissues that is normally held in its place is referred to as hernia. It can cause a noticeable lump or bulge beneath the skin, often associated with pain or discomfort. Hernias may develop in different body parts and are most often found in the abdomen.


A tissue or organ pressing through weak region within the connective tissue or muscle can cause hernias. Hernias can result from various reasons, but the most common ones include:

  • The weak muscles: In the areas where muscles are intrinsically weaker, sheaths often appear. As an example due to aging, pregnancy or a long-term strain could result in the abdomen wall beginning to degrade in time.
  • Congenital Weakness: Those who are born with weakening of their connective tissues or abdominal wall can naturally be more vulnerable to hernias.
  • Hernias and Strain: Hernias can occur as a result of events or situations that increase the pressure in the abdomen. They can result from constipation during bowel movements, overweight, heavy lifting and a persistent cough.
  • Age: The tissues and muscles within the abdominal region can decline as you age, which increases the possibility of developing hernias.
  • The pregnancy process: Hernias can occur as due to the increased pressure on abdominal wall throughout pregnancy particularly in the groin and umbilical regions.